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EnergonWhale under Shandong Yunlong Eco Technologies Co., Ltd is an innovator and pioneer in the field of electric boats, established in Feb, 2023. We design and develop several types of electric pontoon boats with electrical propulsion systems in order to reduce carbon emissions for a eco environment and future generations.

Shandong Yunlong Eco Technologies Co., Ltd., covers 90,000㎡ workshop with humble beginning, is one of the largest electric pontoon boat manufacturer from China. We have more than 20 engineers and 100 senior welding technicians with more than 10 years of production experience.


To meet and satisfy the market demand, we collaborate with professional teams like Ship Design Institutions, Shipyards, Tsinghua University Labs. Our vision and foresight to develop and produce such electric boats, not only the understanding of electric boats and watercraft, but also what customers and dealers need and expect from us.


The Electric Pontoon Boat offers a cleaner, quieter and more efficient alternative to traditional combustion engine-powered boats, meeting the demands of both environmentally conscious consumers and regulatory requirements.


The Electric Amphibious Camper Yacht is one of EnergonWhale's revolutionary products aimed towards the camping consumer market. It would suit the criteria of camping both on land and in water, with many meticulous elements, creating greater room, fun and safety. 


Since 2023, we have exported the electric pontoon boats to 30+ countries all over the world. We always strive for excellence and value in Electric Boats and Customer Service. Let's share your passion for enjoying life on the water!

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